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Right of Entry
Acceptance of an order from CBS Manufacturing Co., Inc, implies that CBS, their customer representatives or regulatory authorities have the right of entry at your facility to inspect product or processes.


ISO/AS Requirements
Suppliers must meet quality inspection system requirements of the most current ISO and AS standards as well as the calibration system requirements of ISO10012-1


Raw Material
All raw material purchased by CBS must be manufactured to the latest revision of the specification it is purchased to and must be DFARS compliant.


Blueprints are provided with all processing purchase orders. These Blueprints must never be copied or shared without written authorization from the design authority and must be returned to CBS once the subcontracted work is completed.


Environmental Health & Safety
Acceptance of an order from CBS Manufacturing Co., Inc, implies that you, the supplier, will comply with the following requirements:

  1. Provide safe working conditions for all personnel, customers and contractors.

  2. Adhere to all applicable national, regional, state and local laws and regulations governing environmental health and safety.

  3. Operate in a manner that minimizes the impact to the environment.

  4. Limit the use of natural resources and promote sustainable natural resource practices.


Customer Quality Requirements
Triumph Supplier Quality Manual applies to all Triumph Aerospace parts.

UTAS ASQR-01 and HSM19 apply to all UTC Aerospace Systems parts. In the case of part discrepancies, CBS requires the use of problem solving techniques, (fishbone, 5 why's, flowcharting) to analyze the root cause of escapes.


All non-conformances must be submitted to CBS with a sufficient cause and corrective action.


Product acceptance
A manufacturers Certificate of Conformance (C of C) must be submitted with each lot of parts to CBS. The detailed C of C must contain as a minimum; the purchase order number, quantity of each item, drawing part number and revision, part number and revision and specification number and revision.


Quality Records
All Quality records must be identified, protected and readily retrievable upon request. Records must be supplied to CBS for retention or maintained at the supplier's facility for a minimum of ten years, unless otherwise specified. Any records that are disposed of shall be destroyed in such a way that they are no longer identifiable.


Flow down of requirements
The supplier must flow down all Quality and Purchase Order requirements to its sub-tier suppliers if applicable. CBS requires notification by its suppliers of any changes to Product, Processes, Suppliers or Facilities.


Order Acceptance and Entry


Compliance with United States Law

Buyer shall comply with all applicable United States statutes and government rules, regulations and orders including those pertaining to United States export laws and regulations.

Ethics and Counterfeit Prevention

The Supplier must have counterfeit prevention procedures implemented that satisfy AS9100 Rev. D Section 8.1.4.  Additionally, Supplier must also have in place ethical procedures when relating to product conformity.  These procedures must ensure that its employees are aware of the contribution to product conformity, product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior.


United States Export Laws and Restrictions

Buyer will not transfer or re-export purchased product in its original form or as incorporated into other products without obtaining required United States authorization and certifies that purchased product will not be used in or sold/transferred for use in nuclear, chemical/biological or missile technology products nor for use by a U.S. sanctioned country or company.


Sale and Shipment to Foreign Destination- United States Export License (Seller Obligation)

Seller will at buyer’s request apply for and use its best efforts to obtain any required United States Government license to permit export from the United States of product being purchased by the buyer.  Nothing herein contained shall be construed as imposing an obligation on seller to obtain required United States export licensing authority related to the product being purchased by the buyer from the seller.


Sale and Shipment to U.S. Destination- United States Export License (Buyer Obligation)

Buyer shall obtain all required U.S. authorizations including export licenses to permit the U.S. export of product being purchased by buyer from seller.


Order Placement – Terms and Conditions of Purchase


Compliance with Laws and Regulations     

In the performance of this order, the Seller shall comply with all applicable Federal, State, or local laws, regulations, ordinances, rules and regulations.  Seller agrees that Buyer shall have the right, without incurring any liability to the Seller, to withhold payment of any invoices, should Seller fail to materially comply with the applicable Federal, State or local laws, regulations, ordinances, rules and regulations or the terms and conditions contained within.


Place of Production, Services to be Provided, or Supply of Items Ordered                         

For Export controlled items, no subcontracting or outsourcing is permitted without the Buyer’s written approval.  Goods ordered by Buyer from the Seller are to be produced by the Seller at their facilities, as identified on this order, unless agreed to in writing between the Seller and the Buyer.  Services to be provided by the Seller/Subcontractor to the Buyer are to be provided at the Seller’s or Buyer’s facilities as identified on this order, unless agreed to in writing between the Seller and the Buyer.                                                                                          Catalog or other standard dual use items sold by the Seller and ordered by the Buyer are acceptable for supply to the Buyer with certification by the Seller as to the country of origin of the individual items ordered.  Additionally, the items must be supplied from the Seller’s facility as identified with order placement.


Terms and Conditions

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