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CBS specializes in the engineering, processing, machining, assembly, and inspection of aerospace and military components.  This includes the manufacture of all required details and sub-assemblies, and, with the help of our excellent and time tested sub-tier suppliers, we perform heat treating, plating, lapping, pressure testing, NDT, and almost all other special processes to produce a completed part for our customers.

Beginning in the 1970’s, CBS’ scope included fuel system components and spare parts for jet and propeller aircraft for UTC’s Hamilton Standard Corporation.  In addition to enhancing our core expertise, the twenty first century has brought us into producing components for engine control systems, electrical systems, helicopter components, air management systems and military weapons.  We continue to grow in manufacturing volume, capabilities, and capacity. 

Customers – Some of our current customers include: UTAS (USA and worldwide operations), Triumph Engine Control Systems, Parker Hannifin, ATC Aerospace, and Ontic Engineering.

Capacity – CBS owned 5 CNC machines in 1993.  Our next CNC acquisition will be tagged as “CNC 28”.  We also have approximately 10,000 additional square feet awaiting the need for new machines.  Our current capacity in part size is sixteen diametrical inches.  We machine plastics, aluminum, steel, titanium, and inconel.  Our attainable tolerances vary based on the type of dimension, size, and shape of the part and material, however, we are normally able to achieve .0004 total tolerance of size and .001 RFS of positioning.

If and when CBS receives large quantity and/or time consuming orders with close tolerance operations that warrant new manufacturing or measuring equipment, our company is ready and willing to upgrade to fulfill our customer’s requirements, on time*.

Quality* - We currently have two Coordinate Measuring Machines along with our UTAS and Triumph certified Quality Clinic for discrepant part analysis.  We are ISO 9001 / AS 9100D certified, as well as DDTC registered.  We practice “Root Cause and Corrective Action” in real time, at the machine as soon as the discrepancy occurs.  CBS also utilizes “Kaizen” and “5-S” concepts to drive continuous improvement and reduced set up times, resulting in reduced costs. 

*(Note:  UTAS labels CBS as a “High Volume Supplier” and currently lists our Discrepant Parts Per Million” rating at Zero for eight months running.  “On-Time Delivery” with all customers is now over 99%).


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