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New Okuma Horizontal Machining Center

This new addition features a 10-pallet system with 218 tools and part probing capabilities. It has significantly increased our capacity and throughput.


Production downtime has been reduced significantly in two key areas. We can now set up a new part for production while another job runs. Whereas we previously had to shut down to prove out the first part from a new job, we can now continue running another job while conducting that essential first-piece inspection.


The Okuma allows us to run small quantities of parts very efficiently, with expedited lead times. Once set up, it also has the ability to run un-manned during off-hours, making it an essential component of our new "Lights-Out" initiative.

Our new Okuma 4-axis horizontal machining center is an integral part of our "Lights-Out" manufacturing process. Check out our next newsletter for an inside look at this cutting-edge initiative!

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