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Improving Efficiencies with CONNSTEP

CBS has begun to realize the potential that our new facility and highly experienced staff can offer in part thanks to a series of self-studies and Kaizen events conducted with CONNSTEP Lean Consultant Bill Kirchherr.


After losing business to a competitor several years ago, we began working with CONNSTEP on a value stream map focused on a more efficient process flow. This helped us determine an optimal arrangement for the machines on our manufacturing floor, allowing us to significantly reduce setup times and lot sizes. We were able to not only win the lost business back, but also increase our volume of work with the customer.


CONNSTEP was also instrumental in planning our "Lights-Out" manufacturing implementation. Bill worked closely with our operators to determine what it would take in terms of equipment, materials and man hours to get this system up and running. We are now able to produce parts overnight and save money on staffing and utilities – a capability that has helped us realize an 80% increase in productivity.


Finally, we conducted a Kaizen event that resulted in a dramatically improved automated scheduling system. This has enhanced communication and accurate information flow throughout the office and manufacturing floor, ensuring that everyone on our team is fully prepared for jobs once they arrive in their area and helping us achieve a 100% on-time delivery rate.


As a result of these events, "CBS knows where they are, knows where they're going and knows what it's going to take to get there," Bill says. "They've embraced the need to make changes in order to grow the business and are getting better all the time."


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